The Bark Alarm system has the following advantages:

  • Armed 24/7 – Bark Alarm never sleeps! Bark Alarm is the only alarm system that provides 24/7 active alarm protection on all windows, doors, and openings.
  • Verification sound – The Bark Siren is an important part of the Bark Alarm to allow the inhabitants the opportunity to confirm a distress signal by changing the sound. This changing sound can immediately mobilize assistance and call for eyewitnesses.
  • Low Cost – The simplicity of the Bark Alarm design and operations allow for inexpensive and reliable protection. Bark Alarm allows for a first-world product and protection at an affordable cost.
  • Strong Aesthetical Barriers – Unappealing steel burglar bars will be replaced with the new aesthetical ViewProtect EziBar and magnetic switches on all the windows. The ViewProtect EziBars provides a strong clear barrier as well as 24/7 active alarm protection to all openable windows that also extend to the surrounding fixed panes with integrated magnetic switches.
  • Armed Strike Plates – These units allow for additional 24/7 alarm protection on all external doors.
  • Reaction units – The change in the alarm sound can trigger a response from the immediate community. The option to receive assistance from an armed reaction unit or medical assistance is available through the Bark App.
  • Warning LED light – An outside amber LED light warns criminals of 24/7 active alarm and speedy community reaction protection at the property. You must ask yourself, will I break into a house where the community can react immediately?
  • Community safety – The installation of the amber LED lights on the outside of the properties will warn criminals that the neighbourhood is proactive and can react on alarm sounds. The community can in this manner take control over their safety & security in their neighbourhood.
  • Community up-liftman – The Bark Alarm and connections have been designed to allow for a user-friendly unit that can easily be installed by a layman. This will allow local residents to start their businesses in the community. Click here if you are interested to be trained to install these units.