Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bark products unique?

All Bark products are equipped with confirmation sound technology allowing the sounds to be your first line of defence. The change of the siren’s sound confirms the need for help leading to an immediate response! This is as good as shouting HELP over a loudspeaker!

What is the Bark Siren?

The Bark Siren improves the standard one tone alarm siren by replacing a new intellectual PC board, with up to 8 different inputs, with each input triggering a different sound. This means that each time an intruder triggers a sensor, the alarm sound will change, confirming movement in or around the property. A dedicated panic sound will override any other alarm sound.

These Bark Sirens can also be used by different industries requiring immediate reaction during a change in production or confirmation when schedules are completed.

Why is the change in sound so important?

The standard alarm sound draws, little, if any, the reaction from the neighbourhood. Even intruders are not affected as the time it takes before the arrival of a reaction unit and the ignorance of a neighbourhood is sufficient to get away with their spoils. Constant annoying false alarms have a major effect on why we do not react to alarms anymore.

The change in the Bark Siren sound, confirms that it is not a false alarm and that an intruder is in or around the property and would trigger different zones.

When the dedicated panic sound is heard it confirms to the neighbourhood that the inhabitants require immediate assistance.

What must I do when I hear a change in the alarm sound?

Inhabitants of the property should:

  • – Always make sure all children and vulnerable people are safe and protected from harm;
  • – Keep all persons in the house together and move to a safe area on the property;
  • – On the Bark Alarm App, push the Response unit buttons if you require their assistance;
  • – Be prepared to defend yourself until assistance arrives;
  • – Be calm while pushing the video call button on the Bark Alarm App. Talk slowly and mention any detail to chase the intruders away. The video streaming option can prevent an intruder from moving closer and can in the future be used as evidence.

The role of neighbours

  • – Make sure children and vulnerable people are safe on your property;
  • – Move to your neighbour in distress in crowds, DO NOT try to be Rambo!
  • – Round up as many of your neighbours to be eyes and ears to identify the intruders;
  • – Be vigilant and do not put your own life in danger;
  • – Make way for any reaction or medical response units.

For the intruder this meansYOUR TIME IS UP!

Why are Bark Alarms beneficial to a community?

The presence of Bark Alarms allows the community to take control of the safety in their neighbourhood. Inhabitants of the neighbourhood will be more vigilant and proactive to react should any confirmation sounds be triggered. It will be a high risk for any burglar to enter a Bark Alarm protected neighbourhood.

A safer community will also improve living conditions and increase property values.

Why is the Amber LED light on the outside of the house important?

These amber LED lights confirm that a Bark Siren had been installed. This means that if the alarm is triggered a confirmation sound can be activated at any moment to immediately mobilise the community. It means the intruder has little chance to escape without being identified or detained.

Ask yourself, will I break into a house with amber LED light?

Can any person do a citizen arrest?

Yes, Any South African citizen may execute an arrest for “any conspiracy, incitement, or attempt to commit any offense” [2|3|5], pertaining to any Schedule 1 offense, as determined by THE CRIMINAL PROCEDURES ACT OF 1977, Act 51 [2|3], and THE CRIMINAL LAW AMENDMENT ACT OF 2007, Section 3 and 4.

Click here for more information on the law on a citizen arrest in South Africa.

What are Armed Bars?

Armed Bars are transparent burglar bars made of LEXAN polycarbonate with the unique ability to be connected to any alarm system. The Armed Bars can be active 24/7 without activating any accidental false alarm and providing unmatched security protection.

Click here for more information on Armed Bars.

What are EziBars?

The ViewProtect EziBar is a fitment option whereby Armed Bars are installed in specially designed aluminium extrusion. This allows the clear bars to form a strong fitment over openable windows and allow an option of adding magnetic switches on adjacent fixed glass panes. The alarm will activate when the fixed glass panes are removed during an attempted break-in. This means that by installing less you will get more protection

Click here for more information on EziBars.

What must I do to have a Bark Alarm installed on my property?

Go to our Contact Us page and complete your details and request. One of our agents will gladly contact you to assist you with your request.

Can I install the Bark Alarms myself?

No, you need to complete a Bark training session. Bark Alarm has an upliftment program where we train individuals on how to install these products. This allows individuals to start their own businesses in their communities. Go to our Contact Us page and complete your details and enquire regarding our training program.