Bark Black Box

The Bark Black Box empowers existing alarm systems with a changing alarm sound technology to let the inhabitants and community know of a real distress situation. This Bark patented verification sound technology allows the siren to confirm a distress situation by changing the sound after the inhabitant approves the need for immediate assistance. 

Anyone can have the Bark Black Box installed onto their existing alarm system. By simply replacing the one-tone siren with the Bark Black Box, you can have the option to connect different sounds for up to 8 outputs on your alarm system.

The Bark Black Box consists of an amber LED light, a modified siren, and a specially designed PC board, fitted into a Black Box. The Black Box connects the alarm control box to the modified siren.

How it works

The siren is automatically triggered when an intruder trips the alarm system.

A change in the siren sound is made possible when the panic button is pressed

or a second zone had been triggered by the intruder.

This second sound is then the verification of a distress situation.

This will notify:
– All inhabitants on the property;
– The neighbourhood;
– The reaction unit;
– The intruders that community has been alerted.

SA Patent no. 2019/06436