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Introducing the Bark Black Box

Rapidly Identifying Distress Situations and Providing Immediate Support.

The Bark Black Box is a cutting-edge technology developed to detect real distress situations and summon immediate assistance from your neighbourhood. When your family’s safety is at risk, every second counts, and fast support from your immediate surroundings can make all the difference. With verification sound technology integrated into your alarm system, the Bark Black Box ensures that you receive the help you need as quickly as possible.

When alarm systems were first introduced, they relied on a simple siren or hooter to alert anyone nearby of potential danger. In the 1940s, armed guards were introduced to respond to these warnings, and as technology advanced, radio signals were used to call for assistance from these guards. In the 1970s, the focus shifted towards developing more reliable alarm sensors to improve the effectiveness of security protection, but the addition of more sensors resulted in a higher number of false alarms.

Today, an estimated 98% of security distress signals received from alarm systems are false alarms, which undermines their trustworthiness and increases running costs for reaction companies. This has led to the downgrading of alarm sirens, which have become more of an annoyance than a valuable tool. Most alarm systems on the market today have no way to alert the immediate surrounding of a genuine distress situation when an intruder triggers the alarm. This is where the Bark Black Box comes in.

The Bark Black Box is a compact unit that can be installed between the alarm PCB and the alarm siren, replacing the siren PCB. It incorporates advanced technology that enables the siren to produce up to 8 different sounds, depending on the action taken by the residents or the zone that the intruders have triggered. The changing of the siren sound during a distress situation confirms that it is not a false alarm but a genuine emergency.

Here’s how the Bark Black Box works:

  • The siren is automatically triggered when intruders activate any zone of the alarm system.
  • The panic button can be pressed to initiate a change in the siren sound, or a second zone can be triggered by the intruders, which triggers a second sound, confirming a distressed situation.
  • The change in the siren sound alerts all residents to the danger and puts pressure on the intruders to leave the property and the surrounding area as soon as possible.
  • The neighborhood watch can respond by observing and gathering information, such as taking photos of suspicious vehicles and people, which can be of tremendous value to reaction units or police in apprehending the intruders.

The Bark Black Box kit includes a Bark siren, the Bark Black Box, and an amber LED light that should be installed on the outside of the house. This amber LED light will remain lit 24/7, identifying the property as being protected by Bark’s verification sound technology and signaling to criminals that the surrounding community is informed and vigilant. This can deter criminals from targeting the area and encourage them to look for more vulnerable neighborhoods.

In summary, the Bark Black Box is an innovative solution to the problem of false alarms and provides reliable and rapid response to genuine emergencies. By identifying distress situations and alerting the neighbourhood, the Bark Black Box enhances the effectiveness of alarm systems and provides valuable support in times of need.

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