Bark has combined different security products to formulate a revolutionary solution whereby a building can have permanent alarm protection at all windows and doors. Panic buttons form a critical part of this 24/7 active alarm design, and can smoke detectors, and accessories also be wired to extend the defence of the building. This world-first design allows the inhabitants to live normally in their house without ever arming or disarming their alarm system.

Not only will these Bark products provide permanent active alarm protection, but also provide an additional verification sound technology whereby the change in alarm sound immediately warns all inhabitants, and the neighbourhood, of a confirmed distress situation.

Products that can be added to the Bark Sound Bomb
  • Armed Bars – Windows
  • Armed Strike Plates – External doors
  • Panic buttons
  • External copper pipes
  • External geysers
  • Sun panels

Special focus was placed on cost-effective alarm protection to provide the ultimate protection. Below are comparison costs for different alarm systems over a period of time.