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Bark Alarms Revolutionizes Security Solutions for Lower-Income Households

[Stellenbosch, 05 June 2023] – In 2014, a visionary grade 9 school project captivated the minds of two young entrepreneurs as they embarked on developing a security system tailored for lower-income households. Inspired by smartphone technology and driven by the principles of Ubuntu, their ground-breaking concept earned them the prestigious Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Award (PERA) for the best school business idea in 2015.

Over the next two years, a team tirelessly pursued avenues to bring the kids innovative idea to life. However, due to the lack of financial backing, they had to temporarily shelve their concept until adequate protection against exploitation could be secured. During this period, positive discussions with financial and insurance institutions heightened anticipation for their entry into this promising new market.

In a significant development, a patent was filed in 2019 for the ground-breaking verification sound technology in South Africa. This patent marked a crucial milestone, opening doors for more transparent and inclusive discussions with key stakeholders.

In 2022, Bark Alarms made a pivotal decision to invest in the development of an alarm system specifically designed to address the unique needs of the lower-income market. However, as the journey progressed, a remarkable realization unfolded – their verification sound technology could also provide an effective solution to a pervasive issue in the existing security alarm industry: false alarms. The conventional screaming sirens often failed to elicit timely responses. With Bark Alarms’ advanced technology, communities can now assume a more active role, remaining vigilant and responding promptly to verification sound triggers.

Bark Alarms, established in February 2022, introduced a comprehensive three-phase approach to their product development strategy:

Bark Black Box

•        Phase 1, known as the Bark Black Box, targets the existing alarm industry. With its verification sound technology, this product introduces valuable security features to the rapidly growing South African alarm industry.

Bark Sound Bomb

•        Phase 2 introduces the Bark Sound Bomb, designed specifically for the lower-income market. It provides 24/7 active alarm protection for homes through sensors, including ViewProtect’s Armed Bars, panic buttons, and a smoke detector. Recognizing the need for continuous alarm protection on external doors, they developed the innovative Bark Armed Strike Plate. By safeguarding approximately 90% of break-ins, which predominantly occur through doors (+-60%) and windows (+-30%), the Bark Sound Bomb offers unprecedented security. This breakthrough allows for integration with all security alarm systems.

Bark App

•        Phase 3, named Bark Alarm, mirrors Phase 2 but offers control via a smartphone app. While this app presents numerous opportunities, they have decided to focus solely on the first two phases due to the initial costs associated with developing these technologies.

The Market

The launch of Bark Alarms aligns with a critical need in the market. According to StatsSA, in 2019, South Africa recorded a staggering 6.6 million registered residential properties, with over half (55%) valued under R600,000 – approximately 3.6 million units. While houses valued over R600,000 generally benefit from security alarm systems and monitoring services provided by major security companies, lower-income households often struggle to afford recurring monthly costs. Consequently, this market remains largely untapped, presenting immense potential for affordable security solutions.

Understanding the limitations faced by lower-income households, Bark Alarms aims to bridge the security gap. As property prices decrease, the urgency for reliable security solutions increases, particularly in potentially unsafe developments. The primary obstacle is the high cost associated with traditional alarm systems, as well as monthly expenses for monitoring and reaction services. Bark Alarms addresses these challenges by offering cost-effective, community-oriented alarm systems that empower residents to proactively address security concerns.

The solution

Bark Alarms’ verification sound technology, as incorporated in the Bark Black Box, Bark Sound Bomb and Bark Alarm systems, enables communities to rally together during distress situations. The verification sound alerts the immediate surroundings, mobilizing community members to provide assistance to those in need and gather valuable information to identify potential criminals. By fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility, Bark Alarms promotes the African philosophy of Ubuntu, creating safer environments where children can grow up with peace of mind.

With their visionary approach, Bark Alarms is poised to redefine security solutions for lower-income households, ensuring affordability, inclusivity, and a proactive response to security challenges. The company’s commitment to innovation and community-driven solutions sets them apart as a leader in the security alarm industry.

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Bark Alarms Bark Alarms is a ground-breaking security alarm company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for lower-income households. Established in 2022, Bark Alarms aims to revolutionize the security industry by introducing cost-effective, community-oriented alarm systems that empower residents to take an active role in their own safety. Through cutting-edge verification sound technology, Bark Alarms seeks to create safer environments and foster the spirit of Ubuntu within communities across South Africa. For more information, visit www.barkalarms.co.za