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Wholistic security: The Holy Grail of Security


The combination of ViewProtect and Bark products will offer the Ultimate Security Option for Your Home.

As homeowners, we all strive to create a safe and secure environment for ourselves and our loved ones. With the increasing concerns about burglaries, break-ins, and home invasions, having robust and intelligent security measures in place has become more important than ever. Fortunately, advancements in security technology have led to innovative solutions that provide unparalleled protection for our homes. Among these cutting-edge options, ViewProtect and Bark products have emerged to form the holy grail for security protection, offering top-notch defence for your entire house and ensuring 24/7 armed security.

ViewProtect Armed Bars are revolutionary security bars that not only offer physical protection but also incorporate technology for enhanced security. These bars are made from durable LEXAN™ polycarbonate material that is virtually unbreakable, ensuring that intruders will have difficulty penetrating through them. Unlike traditional metal security bars that can obstruct the view and create a sense of confinement, ViewProtect Armed Bars are transparent and allow natural light to pass through, maintaining the aesthetics of your home while providing reliable security.

What sets ViewProtect Armed Bars apart is the integration into any alarm system which is connected to a 24/7 active zone. This means that any attempt to tamper with or breach the bars triggers an instant alarm, alerting the monitoring centre and dispatching armed response units to your location. This proactive approach deters burglars and intruders from attempting a break-in, providing a powerful layer of defence for your home. The ViewProtect Armed Bars are alarm sensors that are fitted to windows with strong fitment options on offer. The Armed Bars are even fitted to swing, slide and retractable security gates.

Armed Strike Plate

In addition to ViewProtect Armed Bars, the Bark Armed Strike Plate is another game-changing security option that complements the overall security of your home. The Bark Armed Strike Plate is a high-security door and gate strike plate that replaces the standard strike plate on your door and gate frames. It is designed to withstand brute force attacks, such as kick-ins and prying, which are common methods used by burglars to gain entry into homes.

The Bark Armed Strike Plate is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel and features an integrated alarm sensor, which is activated upon any attempt to breach the door by force. This triggers an audible siren and sends an instant alert to the monitoring centre, prompting immediate action by armed response units. The Bark Armed Strike Plate not only reinforces the weakest point of your door, but also adds 24/7 active security alarm protection that in turn provides an additional layer of protection to your home.

The combination of ViewProtect Armed Bars and Bark Armed Strike Plate creates formidable security alarm sensors for your home. The transparent and robust ViewProtect Armed Bars secure your windows, while the Bark Armed Strike Plate fortifies your doors, ensuring that every entry point of your home is safeguarded 24/7! The integrated alarm sensors of both solutions provide real-time alerts, allowing for a swift response to any security breach, and deterring criminals from attempting a break-in in the first place.

Furthermore, you’re 24/7 monitoring centre that is connected to the alarm sensors of ViewProtect Armed Bars and Bark Armed Strike Plate adds an extra layer of peace of mind. Trained security professionals are constantly monitoring your home, ready to respond to any emergency, providing you with round-the-clock armed security.

Bark Black Box

A further improvement to your security will be the addition of the Bark Black Box unit to your alarm system. This unit can improve reaction time to assist you when in need. Reaction time is essential when your life is threatened and with the Bark Black Box confirmation sound technology you will have the ability to call for immediate assistance from the neighbourhood.

The confirmation sound happens when intruders trigger the alarm and by pushing the panic button, or the intruders trigger a second zone, the alarm siren sound will change. This second, and any other changing siren sounds, will confirm that this is not a false alarm, but a real distress situation.

Investing in ViewProtect Armed Bars, Bark Armed Strike Plate, and the Bark Black Box is like having a dedicated armed security team protecting your home 24/7. These innovative security solutions offer the ultimate protection for your entire house, providing unparalleled peace of mind and ensuring that your loved ones and valuable possessions are safeguarded from potential threats.

In conclusion, securing your home is a top priority in today’s world. The combination of ViewProtect and Bark products offers the prospect to cultivate the holy grail of security. With their advanced technology, robust construction, and integrated alarm systems, these solutions provide an unbeatable defence for your home. Don’t compromise the safety of your loved ones.

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