Hook Lock Standard


The Hook Lock Standard Armed Strike Plates have a universal design that allows the strike plates to be used with most standard / large hook locks.

These locks are installed inside the door and have a combination of a latch, for the handle, and a hook lock for the door.


Without a key to open the door, a pulled action will be needed to force the sliding or stacking door open, which will in turn place pressure on the springs inside the Hook Lock Armed Strike Plate. That will in turn activate the alarm system.



The Armed Strike Plate for the hook lock standard does have a left and right-hand opening option available.

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The Armed Strike Plates are designed for different door and gate locks applications. The focus of the development of these patented designs were the unique ability to provide 24/7 active alarm protection at all external doors.

The new Bark Armed Strike Plate products provide a constant alarm protection at the locks while actively living in a building, even after dis-arming the alarm system, or when the doors are opened or closed during normal use!

• Wooden screws
• Pop rivets
• Instruction page
• Mark out template
• Metal spacers

• Tape measure
• Marker
• Adhesive tape
• Cordless drill

• Chisels & hammer
• 13mm & 16mm drill bits
• Phillips screw driver

• Small grinder or Dremel tool
• 3.5mm drill bit
• 5mm drill bit
• Pop rivet gun

Additional information

Fitment Option

Left-hand open-in / Right-hand open-out, Right-hand open-in / Left-hand open-out


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